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Heart of a Shapeshifter: 

2Spirit Love Medicine

"Heart of a Shapeshifter: 2Spirit Love Medicine" is a collection of poems, short essays, and prose by Coyote Park. It explores transformation, non-linear transitions, ancestor worship, diaspora, T4T romance, non-monogamy, queer awakenings, and various intersections of Park's lived experiences. Woven throughout the collection are 8 Vessels, taking shape as themed chapters and representing lifetimes. Throughout these vessels, Coyote reflects on extensions of themself, their lovers, and what love medicine means to them. "Heart of a Shapeshifter" is born out of the passion of Brown leather dykes, Trans Deities, and the fierce and overflowing protection of Spirit. A collection of writing to all of those yearning to love and shapeshift freely.

Published with GenderFail


Where to find it in stores:

Printed Matter - Manhattan NYC

Topos Bookstore - Queens NYC

Glad Day Books - Queens NYC

Bluestocking - Manhattan NYC

Murmurs Gallery - LA

Tomorrow Today - LA

Boneshaker - Minneapolis 

Good Press - Glasgow UK

Category is Books - Glasgow UK

Spazio Punch - Venice, Italy

The Languages of Our Love: An Indigenous Love and Sex Anthology

Co-Edited by Amber McCray and Chantal Jung, released in July 2022. Park has poems included in the anthology! Really beautiful and exciting collection.



A Queer and Trans Black, Indigenous, Community of Color Dream Anthology made up of poems, short stories, reflection pieces, and journal entries. The anthology consists of 32 writers/poets and 1 communal poem entitled "A Closing Prayer". 33 Written Works in Total. 

Park is the editor of this zine, wrote the preface, and published the work through GenderFail. 

Graphic Design by Rin Kim Ni and Illustrations by Mac Do.

Published October 2021


A 2Spirit Perspective on Multi Love: Non-Monogamy and Selfhood

How non-monogamy can break down historical and colonial relationships of linear relationships for a 2Spirit transgender person through romantic and physical intimacy.

Article written for FOLX Health


Upcoming Works:

Future Pleasures 2

Fantasy, mythology, erotic writing collection by Rin Kim Ni.

Park is contributing short stories based on Yurok and Korean folklore. An adventure entitled "First Love Never Dies".

Down on Danny

A novel following a Transgender man sw'er in Los Angeles who finds that connection is a relationship built on time and energy in some of the most unexpected places. A chaser, a polycule, the vibrant beat of a city night, and the pottery wheel all spin him towards understanding himself. 


Current screenplays that have been written by Park touches on non-monogamy, QTBIPOC worlds, mental health, and adventures towards sovereignty. One of their screenplays, "Destiny in Sedona" is currently in pre-production.  

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