"Divinely Protected" (2022)

T4T BIPOC series documenting the bed space as an altar. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1_Xzmzn_b4MtUVYVTWsrV8mN8sZ3QkUBeeTMIQHmB2ag/edit

Tee & Coyote in Los Angeles:

✜ Ocean Salt from Hawai'i

✜ Prayer scrolls from Tee's Grandma in Korea

✜ Incense from a temple in Korea

✜ Teakwood, Cedar, Amber, and Moss Candles

✜ California Wildflowers

✜ Abalone Shells

✜ Polaroid of Tee and Coyote at Venice Beach

✜ Dried Peonies

✜ Ivory Satin

✜ Tiger Patterned Faux Fur

✜ Paintings of Homelands on Wood

Hōkūli'i & Liam in Oahu: 

✜ Box that holds their wedding rings

✜ Polaroids throughout their relationship

✜ A necklace that was a wedding gift from Hōkūli'i to Liam

✜ Some paintings they did together on an anniversary

✜ Paintings gifted from Hōkūli'i to Liam for Christmas

✜ Red and White Roses

Lauren & Ihui in Los Angeles:

✜ Painting by Makoto chi

✜ Pan Chang knot

✜ Chinese kite

✜ Dragon statues

✜ Guan yin print

✜ Symbolic protectorate items from Chinatown

✜ Sculptures from Mexico

✜  Bag of toys

✜ Japanese mask

✜ Stuffed worm from Peter Lai

✜ Lava lamp

✜  Pisces charm from my grandparents home in Hawaii

✜  Yeti named Olafur

✜ Lotus lamps

✜ Taiwanese boba plushie

✜ Peaches to ancestors and motherland Taiwan

✜ Orchid 

✜ Lotus candle holders

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